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Marco Deluxe


The industry’s standard

The industry’s standard in efficient, instrument-delivery systems just got a whole lot better. The new Marco Deluxe Stand combines a fresh, new updated appearance while embracing our traditional standards of performance, function, and durability. Innovative features include a re-designed lower slit lamp arm with an integrated connection for the Ultra M-Series of slit lamps and a modified Refractor arm & instrument pole that provides convenient routing of exposed cables.

Technical Details

  • An electronic release button for smooth, slit lamp arm adjustments and a chair elevation switch are both conveniently located on the re-designed counterbalanced slit lamp arm.
  • A special, integrated low-voltage adapter plug that exclusively accommodates the new Ultra M-Series of Marco slit lamps.
  • A traditional electrical outlet is standard.
  • The re-designed membrane switch panel provides controls for main power, exam chair adjustments, overhead lamp intensity and voltage control for a corded Binocular Indirect.
  • An efficient counterbalanced Refractor arm provides immediate, one-handed 3-way locking of the Refractor.
  • A special “cable channel” that accommodates cabling from electronic and illuminated Refractors.
  • A new instrument pole has pre-cut holes to accommodate cabling from mounted instruments.
  • Adjustable ratchet handles provide secure locking of the slit lamp and lower slit lamp arm.
  • Three rechargeable instrument wells and three 115V electrical outlets.
  • Scuff resistant, high-impact base and Marco’s standard ten-step, hand-finished painting process.


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