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Marco Deluxe


30 years mechanical operating system

The Deluxe 2 Stand clearly offers more pure quality and cosmetic appeal than any other instrument stand on the market. Innovative features such as an electronic slit lamp arm release button, overhead room light switch, and a laborious ten-step hand-finished painting process make the Deluxe 2 Stand a unique and differentiated product. While maintaining Marco's usual high standards of function, quality, and durability, the new Deluxe 2 Stand also remains competitively priced.


  • A new, innovative design compliments the proven, 35-year mechanical operating system
  • An electronic release button and a chair elevation switch are both located on the lower slit lamp arm. The slit lamp arm’s increased vertical travel easily accommodates wheelchair patients
  • An efficient counterbalanced refractor arm provides one-handed, immediate three-way locking of the refractor
  • A full-featured flat overlay switch panel controls the slit lamp, chart projector, accessory instrument, overhead lamp, chair elevation, and voltage for a corded instrument
  • Wheelchair accessible


CS1-MA-1213: Save money- if charge wells/console is not required


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