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Reichert ClearChart 4


Purpose-built and pixel-perfect

The all-new family of ClearChart® Digital Acuity Systems from Reichert® are all-in-one, elegant, simple-to-use, and uniquely designed to meet all of your acuity testing needs with a wide selection of optotypes and other special test charts. The standard ClearChart 4 Digital Acuity System features a new 24 inch, high resolution, LED backlit display, is lightweight, cool running, and long-lasting.


  • Purpose built for acuity testing
  • Wide range of optotypes and tests
  • 24-inch high resolution LED-backlit display
  • Cool running, free of moving fans or hard drives
  • Pediatric fixation cartoon video
  • Astigmatic testing


  • Standard
    • 17 Letter Set
    • 8 Letter Set
    • Sloan
    • Tumbling E
    • Landolt C
    • O Landolt C
    • HOTV
    • Numbers
  • Children:
    • Kolt
    • Children's Shapes
    • Allen


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