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CenterVue Eidon AF SLO


Eidon Image of Retinal Metabolism

EIDON AF represents the natural evolution of Eidon TrueColor Confocal Scanner, including all its features and functionalities, preserving its unsurpassed quality of images, and adding autofluorescence imaging capabilities.

EIDON AF with Autofluorescence capability is now an extraordinary tool for obtaining multiple types of high-value information from multiple imaging modalities.

The importance of Autofluorescence Imaging in Clinical Practice

Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) imaging is a non-invasive technique which provides information on retinal metabolism and health, by showing changes in the integrity of the Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) layer.

FAF imaging may help to understand metabolic alterations of the RPE in the pathogenesis of several retinal disorders. FAF provides this clinically useful information by taking an image based on the distribution pattern of fluorescent pigments accumulating in the RPE, such as lipofuscin. RPE dysfunction is visualized as an increased FAF signal, that is bright areas in the image, corresponding to lipofuscin accumulation RPE or photoreceptor death is visualized as a decreased FAF signal. That is dark areas in the image, corresponding to lipofuscin absence.


  • Includes all features and functionalities of EIDON technology, adding auto-fluorescence imaging capabilities
  • Provides confocality based on scanning lines
  • Presents the highest pixel resolution (14 MP sensor) for a confocal system
  • Captures 60° autofluorescence image with a single flash of light
  • The mosaic function provides Wide field up to 110° autofluorescence images
  • Operates in fully automatic or manual mode


  • TrueColor, Autofluorescence, Infrared and Red-free Confocal images
  • High details and contrast in the same device
  • High fidelity of the image without image averaging
  • Short exam time and enhanced patient comfort
  • Provides a panoramic view of the retinal autofluorescence (up to 110°!)
  • Easy to use, allows to speed up patient workflow


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