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Huvitz HAB-8000


Effective multi-tasked auto-blocking

Frame reading, lens centering and blocking are performed automatically by placing the lens on the lens holder. Maximize the efficiency by advanced digital and optical technology and user-friendly Interface.

Save time with the efficient digital scanning and hole detection of KAIZER!

  • By simply placing the lens in the blocking center, the lens is displayed on screen by 1:1 ratio in real-time and size.
  • Traced frame data, FPD, frame diameter and other key changes are transmitted to the edger in real-time.

Automatic recognition of lens center for all kinds of lenses

  • Automatic lens type recognition: single vision, bifocal, progressive, etc.
  • Accurate reading of SPH, CYL, AXIS by integrated high-performance lensmeter.
  • No lens needs to be marked!


Le HAB-8000 peut être jumelé avec:

  • Excelon
  • Kaizer X
  • HPE-410


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