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Leader in digital imaging and ophthalmic instrumentation

Huvitz HPE-410


Combining amazing speed and solid stability

Huvitz brings you the sleek and newly designed EXCELON. Improved performance and stability based on their years of finishing experience as well as incorporating new functions and performance based on their customer’s feedback.

Improved lens processing capabilities coupled with simple GUI and the ability to multi-task without constraint The new EXCELON raises the standard of edging.



▪ Hydrophobic Mode Concept
▪ 3 Roughing Methods for Stability in Edging
▪ Adaptive Clamp Chuck
▪ 4 Retouch Options
▪ High responsive 9.7" Color Display
▪ 8 different types of edging
▪ More sophisticated 6 bevel positions and preview mode 
▪ 5 kind of lens material processing
▪ 3 Feeling Position Modes
▪ Powerful Digital Pattern and Editing function
▪ Built-in Tracer reading with three-dimensional measurements
▪ Expert Job Editor
▪ Powerful multi-tasking 


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