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Huvitz Kaizer X


KAIZER-X fits perfectly

Process lenses for high curve goggles and sports sunglasses and eliminate outsourcing or manual handling. The KAIZER-X offers breakthrough technology in a premium edger through powerful functionality, exquisite fit, and numerous conveniences.


  • Step Bevel Function: Process High Curve sports goggles and RS lenses for sunglasses
  • Semi-U Beveling & Adjustable asymmetric bevel that separately positions side to side ledge geometry
  • Functionality to prevent axis distortion by adopting a powerful revolving motor and Adaptive Clamp chuck
  • High Curve function in order to process sports goggles and sunglasses Step Bevel function (maximum lens curve 6.00, maximum depth 6mm)
  • Adjustable asymmetric bevel which raises the level of consistency between the frame curve and processed edge of lenses Semi-U process function
  • Adaptive Clamp Chuck prevents axis slippage, shape distortion and delamination of polarized lenses.


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