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Medmont MV700


When Accuracy Matters

The Medmont M700 Automated Perimeter offers practitioners an effective tool for assessing visual fields. With the advent of Fast Thresholding capabilities to improve patient comfort, perimetry is now more efficient for monitoring and assessment of disease.


  • Outstanding screening functions
    • Full field coverage to 160° allowing complete peripheral detection
    • Comprehensive tests: binocular driving test, glaucoma detection test, flicker test, central and peripheral test
  • Unique features for patients and users
    • Modern and full-size bowl to overcome claustrophobic feeling for best comfort
    • Perfect adaptive technology to add customized points on suspected area instantly
    • Simple menus operating under Windows interface
  • Valuable tool to facilitate communication
    • Easy to understand graphic representations to enhance your expertise
    • Flexibility to design your own reports’ report
    • Perfect tool to monitor a patient’s progression
    • Possibility to set several viewers to ease your reporting ( not included )
  • Efficiency and reliability
    • Compatible with many EMR software
    • Able to be used by office staff



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