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Marco Ion Imaging System


Delivering your diagnosis – as you make it

Slit lamp imaging is redefined with Ion℠ anterior segment imaging system by combining a new intra-optics beam splitter/camera adapter with the tremendous computing and imaging power of Apple technology. Intuitive operation, optimized imaging, and immediate networked integration are product hallmarks. ‘ion’: intuitive, optimized, and networked - an anterior segment imaging system for every exam room, to rapidly capture, integrate, and educate every diagnosis. Slit lamp and iPhone not included. 


  • The world’s best known and most user-friendly OS
  • Simple but powerful proprietary Slit Lamp Imaging App designed by Ophthalmic Photographers
  • Touch, click or tap to capture high-resolution video or still images
  • Diagnose, image, integrate & educate in seconds
  • Educate your patients using the latest technology (Apple® TV or Mirroring App)
  • Update software via the App Store
  • Ergonomic “All-in-One” design (eliminating bulky cables, PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse and software)
  • Start the App and you’re ready to capture


  • All controls at your fingertips in a heads-up display
  • App specifically designed for Anterior Segment Imaging with patient demographics
  • Speed of acquisition, integration to network and education for patients
  • Unique “intra-optics” beam-splitter/adapter/mount
  • Accommodates most “parallel style” slit lamps
  • Harnesses the power of Apple® with its exclusive HDR, “Focus Pixel” technology & more
  • Enhanced clinical workflow by decreasing disruptions
  • Respects the fundamental SL examination process – without compromise
  • Sleek non-intrusive design
  • Bluetooth foot control, joystick or touch screen capture


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