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Huvitz HDR-9000


The More Exam Options You Have, The More You See

Increase total practice efficiency and enhance the total experience of your patient with the HDR-9000 from Huvitz. It offers advanced features such as Wi-Fi Wireless Communication. Equipped with a 21 Point Exam Package, the HDR-9000 removes difficulty by displaying results for easy reading for examiners and patients.

Features of Digital Refractor HDR-9000

▪ 21 Point Exam
▪ Cross Cylinder Lens
▪ Monocular Height Adjustment
▪ Tiltable Body
▪ LCD Chart Compatibility
▪ Fast and Silent Lens Loading
▪ Slimmer Design
▪ Various Charts and Contents 
▪ Real Time Guide
▪ Easy Explanatory Images
▪ Tablet PC Control (Optional)
▪ Tilting and Swiveling Display
▪ Built-in Printer
▪ Wireless Communication
▪ System Networking


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