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Essilor Visiosmart 500


Raise awareness on vision performance & light sensitivity

The Visiosmart 500 helps to increase practice traffic & services with vision testing protocols allowing customer self-assessment in 5 minutes. 

It allows automatic assessment of light sensitivity with vision test in various light condition & glare recovery tests to help promote sun solutions.

The Visiosmart 500 is also a great tool to help raise awareness on vision performance & road safety for patients with easy to read results report.

Tests combining acuity, light environment & contrast to enable optician
to introduce lens solution & coating.

  • Night vision: acuity test in lower luminosity and various contrast to recommend AR coating.
  • Glare protection: glare recovery and radial glare acuity tests help recommend a polarized solution.
  • Light awareness: test report supporting discussion on sun solutions & photochromic lens.

Optimize your workflow and productivity with additional health services helping
debottleneck & optimize customer’s waiting time

  • Stand alone with Smartpanel: user-friendly interface for safe task delegation.
  • Time-saving: text-to-speech technology available in 10 languages.
  • Easy delegation: pre-programmed tests and user-friendly interface.
  • Connected device: records & summarizes the patient results for you.

Understand the vision performance with a userfriendly report

  • Comprehensive test report with a color coded assessment of customer visual condition.
  • Export results to the patient’s records automatically thanks to the integrated interface.


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