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Huvitz HDR-7000


The user-friendly Huvitz HDR-7000 Automated Phoropter includes 18 visual acuity test charts and 26 vision test charts allowing more precise exams.

Features of Digital Refractor HDR-7000

▪ Dual Cross Cylinder Lens
▪ Automatic Occlusion
▪ Automatic Convergence
▪ Various Kinds of Near Vision Charts
▪ LED Near Sight Illumination and Detachable Near Chart Rod
▪ Accurate rotary prism
▪ Various muscle balance test methods
▪ Guide assistance for sophisticated testing
▪ Monocular PD adjustment
▪ Forehead rest indicator
▪ Fast and silent lens loading
▪ Illuminated vertex distance check window
▪ Easy cleanup
▪ Various charts and tests
▪ Global standard chart types
▪ Test process programming
▪ User-defined test
▪ Real-time guide
▪ Displaying the result in tables and graphics
▪ Various image clips
▪ Touch Screen
▪ Tilt & swivel LCD panel
▪ Built-in printer


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