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Huvitz HRK-1


Usability & efficiency

Professionals also admire HRK-1’s commitment to its fundamental foundation as a quality Auto Ref/ Keratometer, now featuring Smart Assembly Moving Control Technology, and high-performance light source.

As eye-diseases and ophthalmologic disorders are increasing, Huvitz is devoting its efforts to think more deeply about the essence of its technology offerings. Equipped with advanced technologies such as a high-performance light source, an intuitive interface and Smart Assembly Moving Control Technology (SAMC Tech), for a faster and more accurate movement in accordance with the refractive error of the patient, and ultimately providing highly accurate and stable measurements.

Huvitz’s Smart Assembly Moving Control Technology
The invisible technology behind Huvitz’s REF optical system can be seen in the accuracy and stability of the measurement results. Considering the refractive error of the patient, the measurement ring is projected on the retina, and is adjusted automatically by Smart Assembly Moving to secure a stable signal. HRK improves the effect of uneven light reflection in normal and cataract eyes with the results being more accurate refractive power REF data.

▪ Smart Assembly Moving Control Technology
▪ Quick Virtual Aiming Dot Function
▪ Simple up & Down Auto Tracking
▪ Familiar User Friendly Interface
▪ Intuitive Iris, Measurement of Pupil Size
▪ Color View Mode
▪ Contact Lens fitting Assistance Guide ▪ Retro-Illumination Mode
▪ Convenience for Prescribing Contact Lenses
▪ Touch 7-inch Color Display
▪ Friendly External Monitor Display
▪ Secure Delete Confirm Dialog
▪ Easy One-Touch Lock
▪ High-speed printer and Convenient Paper Change
▪ Lensmeter Printer Features


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