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Essilor Pro-E 700


Edger for High-Vol. Labs

New from Essilor Instruments – PRO-E 700 builds on the successful design of PRO-E 600.


Are you managing high volumes and looking to move your productivity up a gear? Essilor has designed an innovative high-volume edger that offers compactness and productivity, without any compromise.
PRO-E 700 edger combines top-end precision and extended versatility with robustness and speed. It offers a wide range of solutions and gives more autonomy to your lab. Enhance efficiency and increase profitability thanks to PRO-E 700.

PRO-E 700 edger: the smart solution to boost your productivity and bring more value to your lab.

INTEGRATE QUICKLY; USE INSTANTLYThis compact edger fits right into every lab. It sits on the table top and requires no vacuum or compressed air, meaning no extra investment. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface, even for complex jobs, makes it immediately operational. It interfaces easily with laboratory management software (ISO 16284) and is connectable to Essilor tracer-blockers and Essibox®.


PRO-E 700 edger is specifically designed for volumes. It raises the productivity standards of its category using the whole new processes in all its cycles. Eighteen months of field testing and engineering have delivered a highly robust solution. This combines value for money with high volumes of quality mountings.


Maximize your offer thanks to this edger that can process all jobs efficiently, even the most complex. Generate additional revenues thanks to advanced features such as high curve, Half Jacket frames, safety, engraving, children’s shapes, and small B-size. Through mini-bevel, Chemistrie, asymmetric and step bevel, mix finishes, drill, super chamfer and polish, PRO-E 700 enhances your lab versatility.


Long-life components and fast maintenance procedures maximize the edger’s up-time, making PRO-E 700 edger a smart investment for all volume labs. Telemaintenance enables to update, diagnose, tune settings remotely.

(Long-life components are specifically designed for their durability and designed for volumes).


PRO-E 700 edger meets the highest market standards in top-end precision, optimizing right-first-time rapid results in faultless sizing, axis control, and aesthetic mountings. It combines the benefits of two lens edging techniques: quality finishing by abrasive wheels and scoring precision of milling with an innovative fast process – the best way to reduce rework and ultimately generate great consumer satisfaction.


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