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All-in-one powerhouse with both OPE IPL and LM LLLT

eye-light® is our flagship solution featuring both our core technologies, Light Modulation® LLLT and Optimal Power Energy® IPL, for an optimal, non-invasive treatment of most ocular surface conditions from Dry Eye Disease (DED) induced by Meibomian Glands Dysfunction (MGD) to Sjögren’s Syndrome.

  • Built to last and deliver value to practitioners and patients
  • Durable stainless steel body with an upgradable operating system
  • Provides effective, painless care to patients affected with inflammatory skin conditions on the upper face, periorbital and eyelids area
  • Safe for most skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale
  • Low cost per patient and fast ROI


Leveraging OPE IPL on Eye-Light is as easy as turning on a flashlight on your phone. Based on the patient's condition, OPE IPL flashes can be leveraged to painlessly treat the face, including the periorbital area and malar region.

Our OPE IPL technology improves blood circulation by dissipating blood vessels and improving the secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines.

Safe. Convenient. No gel is involved.

OPE IPL is our patented Intense Pulsed Light technology. We designed OPE as a polychromatic light whose thermal impulses are calibrated through software to always be emitted at just the right intensity, providing an extremely high degree of safety and effectiveness.

We invested heavily in designing an IPL technology that could minimize risk during treatment for the patient whilst maximizing ease of use for the operator administering the therapy.

The Benefits of OPE IPL

  • No gel is required; air-cooling provides convenience of use
  • Pre-installed treatment settings based on the skin type
  • Provides homogenous energy application
  • Can be safely used on the patient’s face, including the malar and periocular regions

About Light Modulation LLLT

The degree of simplicity offered by LM® LLLT technology to the operator, and the convenience hence provided to the patient benefitting from its therapy is, put simply, unmatched. This, paired with LM® LLLT exceptional efficacy in treating most ocular surface diseases (e.g., MGD, Chalazia, Blepharitis, Sjögren’s Syndrome), makes it a true game-changer.

The power of our Light Modulation LLLT technology gets unleashed to the fullest with Eye-Light. Based on the patient's condition, Light Modulation LLLT can be leveraged to painlessly treat the periorbital area. On top of our Red Light, Eye-Light also features Blue and Yellow LM® LLLT wavelengths.

Eye-Light Light Modulation Low-level Light Therapy is non-invasive, pain- and stress-free for patients. The application of LM LLLT can be used to treat several dermatologic conditions on the upper face, periorbital, and eyelids area, including inflammation, wrinkles and acne.

  • Comfortable, non-invasive periorbital application
  • Triggers endogenous heating of the periocular area
  • Stand-alone or supplemental application to OPE IPL
  • Safe for most skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale
  • Low cost per patient and fast ROI

Benefits of LM LLLT

LM LLLT utilizes light modulation, a patented photobiomodulation technology where the emission of a specific wavelength of light stimulates the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). This increases cellular action and emphasizes cellular activity, triggering endogenous heat that stimulates the normalization of glands.

  • LM LLLT therapy is easy. The automated software calculates the duration of the process.
  • The painless, non-contact 15-minute application provides a comfortable patient experience with no gel required.
  • A unique, patented LED mask covers the entire periorbital area.
  • LM LLLT is capable of producing results for the patient from the first session. In many cases, 1-2 sessions may be enough.
  • Always have the latest generation of equipment with instrument and software upgrades.
  • Minimal economic commitment and low per-patient costs make LM LLLT a great option.


Thanks to our patented technologies, Light Modulation® LLLT and Optimal Power Energy® IPL, the Espansione Ecosystem is the perfect choice to treat many ocular surface conditions.

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